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  • Learn Quran Online with Highly Qualified Teachers
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  • Importance of memorization in Quran learning

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Welcome to Al Arbiyat ul Quran Online Academy

We are a premier institution dedicated to providing high-quality, interactive and comprehensive Quran education to students all around the world. Our goal is to help students understand and connect with the Quran through our expert teachers and modern teaching methods. We offer a variety of courses, including Quranic grammar, Quranic vocabulary, Quranic tajweed, Quranic recitation, and Quranic memorization. All of our courses are designed to cater to students of all ages and backgrounds. With our flexible schedule, you can learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Join us today and start your journey to understanding the Quran and its teachings.

No Language Barrier

Our teachers are fluent in English, Urdu and Arabic so there is no language barrier. This is why we have students from so many different countries.

Live Supervision

At Arabic Quran Online , we focus on outcome-based learning. That's why all our classes are supervised by our highly trained staff through Hashmeeting, a software. Parents can also monitor their children's classes on their mobile phones.

Record & Playback

We understand that students need a way to revise lessons, so we have a recording option to record the class for later playback. It also helps us to maintain a good quality.

Male and Female Teachers

We have both Male and Female Tutors that are highly experienced and qualified to facilitate the sisters who feel comfortable studying with Female Teachers.

Free Trial Classes

We offer free trial classes so that students can evaluate our services before joining as a permanent student. No credit card etc required for trial classes.

Anywhere, Any device

For the convenience of our customers, we ensure that technology is not a barrier. You can take classes on any device be it a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

How it Works?

Teacher calls the student at the scheduled time.
Student accepts the call , either audio or video, then one to one session starts.
Teacher teaches the student digitally with the help of digital book that is displayed on the screen which both student and teacher could see.
Parental Watch: All of your classes are recorded and you can playback the classes whenever you want to monitor your children’s Quran learning progress.

Leran Qaida With Tajweed

Learn to recite the Quran with our Noorani Quaid course. Wide And taught by experienced teachers. Learn online at your own pace. Register now and Take the first step towards understanding the Qur'an.

Leran Quran Recitation

Learn Quran online with our comprehensive course. Quranic Recitation, Translation and Commentary. Competent scholars as teachers. Register. Now start your journey to understand Quran.

Leran Quran With Tajweed

Muslims of all ages should learn Quran online with proper pronunciation (tajweed) as it is essential. The Quran is a guide for life and afterlife, and the Prophet Muhammad said it will act as an intercessor on the Day of Judgment.

Islamic Studies

Live Quran Lessons offers you basic online Islamic courses with Noorani Qaida, reading of Quran, and Quran memorization online for kids course for kids and adults so you can be blessed with the deen and Islam. We are introducing online Islamic courses because we feel that Muslim kids and adults also, must know about the charm and beauty of Islam.

Quran Memorization

Online Quran memorization is possible with the help of our plan and online Quran classes. It is a blessing and beneficial for both spiritual and physical well-being. As our prophet Muhammad said, reciting the Quran will elevate one's status in the afterlife.

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